All workshops are currently being held at Women of Wisdom in North Easton.  For more information about Women of Wisdom and what they offer, please visit  

Current Workshops Offered: 

Halloween Celebration

Join us for a celebration of the Wiccan/Celtic holiday, Samhain or Halloween! Take a guided journey to the Spirit Realm and honor the Goddess, Cerridwen, with a ceremony! We will close the festivities with a song to honor the Spirit World and our loved ones who join us for this blessed day!  $15

Yule Celebration

Join us in celebration of the second Sabbath (holiday), Yule or Midwinter! Our celebration begins with a guided meditation of light. We will the focus on the story of the Holly King and the rebirth of the “Sun” of the Goddess. A traditional Yule ritual will follow! We will conclude with a traditional Yule log and a song blessing us into the new year! $15

Imbolc Celebration

Join us to celebrate the Festival of Light, Imbolc or Candlemas! We will start with a protective circle and using a guided meditation for growth and renewal. We will then do a ritual to honor the Goddess, Brigid. We will end the celebration with a song and an offering to the faery realm! $15

Ostara Celebration

Join us in celebrating the Spring Equinox, Ostara, and the return of Spring! We’ll begin with our protective circle and a guided journey to welcome in the season of growing and rebirth. We will honor the return of Nature in a ceremony to plant and nurture our intentions for the time of abundance and fruition. We’ll end with a prayer for Mother Earth and a song!  $15

Beltane Celebration

Come join the celebration of Beltane, the joyous, open-hearted celebration of life! We will begin by casting our protective circle and go on a guided journey of love and spiritual togetherness. We will the honor the God and the Goddess, in a ritual of attraction and abundance for our lives! We will close the festivities with a song as we weave a traditional maypole! Wear green and/or florals if you have them! $15

Midsummers Celebration

Come join the celebration of Midsummers, Litha, and the Summer Solstice! Go on a guided journey to raise the energy for the beginning of the summer months and do a prosperity ritual to represent the growing months as they mirror our own lives. Our circle will conclude with a song to keep the energy flowing as we journey forth into the world. Bring your summer spirit! $15

Lammas Celebration

Come join in the celebration of Lammas, first of the harvest festivals! Take a guided meditation for harvesting and receiving all the Universe has to give us and then do a harvesting ritual! We will close the festivities with a harvest blessing song and a bread breaking! $15

Mabon Celebration

Come celebrate the autumn equinox, Mabon! Take a guided journey for deep reflection and reaping what you have sown and continue with a ritual corn blessing for the harvest! We’ll end the celebration with a song and a tasty harvest treat! $15

Past Workshops and Classes:

Wicca 101

Something Wiccan this way comes!  Join us!  In this four class journey we will learn about the history of Wicca, the basic tools of the Craft, the major holidays, helpful techniques including setting up an altar, and even a simple white spell or two! Discuss the many branches of Wicca & the different types of magic that can be used.  Please bring a notebook.  All other materials will be supplied.  Blessed Be! Four week series.  $100 series ppd.

Vision the Life You Deserve

Do you have trouble creating what you want in your life? Are you unsure of what you really want to be attracting?  Using basic feng shui principles and the law of attraction, we will create a vision board to positively influence the 9 major areas of life. We will use journaling techniques and meditation to discover what you truly want to attract into your life.  Please bring pictures and a notebook/journal. Additional materials will be provided. $35 (minimum non-refundable deposit of $10 is required)

Color Your Life With Magic

Would you like to learn how to use color to energize your environment, influence your moods, and even enhance your energy?  Color can affect everything that you do!  We will focus on how to use color to consciously affect everything in your life, including your magic.  Learn how to use color in spells, grids, healings, and your every-day life.  Bring a notebook.  Materials will be provided.  $30

Oh My Goddess!

Come celebrate the Goddesses in all of their womanly wonders! We will discuss two different Goddesses in each class; learning about their stories, influences, and how they may provide you with the best assistance. We will learn an invocation for guidance from each Goddess and set up a devotion altar to call upon and honor them. Please bring a notebook. All other materials will be supplied. Goddess Bless! $25

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